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Computer Repairs Apple Repairs

Apple Repairs, Ipad Repairs, Iphone Repairs


As well as always repairing and maintaining Windows computer systems, we are now also able to offer repairs for Apple products.

MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones.. etc. We can diagnose and then fix most of the issues everyday users encounter. You may be experiencing a range of problems with your device. Edward's is here to help get them working again for you in a cost effective way.

Some Frequently experienced Mac Problems/Repairs include:

*Hard drive replacement or upgradeApple Repairs
*Broken/Damaged screen
*Replacement keyboard
*Password reset
*Case and hinge repairs
*Logic board repair/replacement
*Power Supply/Port Issues
*Memory Defect/upgrades

Some Common iPhone Repairs include:

*Replacement Screen
*Replacement Battery
*Issues with iTunes

Those are some of the most common problems our engineers and users alike encounter but the list is endless, if it's happened to you, we've seen it and can help.

Repairs all take place here at Edward's Office; the safest and most well equiped environment for the job. First an inspection is carried out, helping to find the root cause and diagnose the machine properly, usually this is done and the problem/s found within 24 hours of recieving the machine. From here one of our expert technicians will begin gathering or ordering the parts needed and have the device repaired within 1-5 days depending on the severity of the problem. We aim to return them to you as soon as possible.

We also are able to provide repairs on all other makes of tablets from Android to Asus. We cover the areas of East London and Essex for pick up and drop off but if you can send it here we can fix it.